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We will refund 100% of Buyer’s Agent Commission

Buyer’s agent commission is normally 3% of purchase price in Hawaii.

Refund for Over 10,000 Properties in Hawaii

This refund is eligible for over 10,000 properties listed on SRE platform (,
which includes most homes for sale in Hawaii (MLS and our original data).

Anyone can register for free without any obligations

Previous registration is required for refund eligibility.


Human assisted e-commerce


Our Mission

The size of the United States' real estate market is $1.25 trillion, with brokerage commissions accounting for $60 billion, based on 2013 figures. This means that the aggregate buyer's agent commissions amounted to $30 billion, with the other $30 billion representing the total seller's agent commissions. Our mission is to expand a business environment that returns to the public $30 billion of those funds, specifically the buyer's agent commissions.
"We want to facilitate this evolution for homebuyers, helping them save their hard-earned money."

An Innovative Program
*The program is subject to change by SRE MATRIX INC.
Human assisted e-commerce

Recent IT development has dramatically changed our business environment. As with Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia where everyone enjoys free usage, the real estate industry should utilize IT in a similar way. SRE is developing a new real estate organization that incorporates both professional/human assisted and e-commerce services. We believe that the combination of human-assisted and e-commerce services ("human assisted e-commerce") is the next evolution to the real estate brokerage industry.

Salary-based System

Existing commission system is obviously a conflict of interest between the customer and agent. A salaried agent system is acceptable and reasonable for customers. In addition to a fixed salary, SRE is developing a new incentive system based on customer satisfaction rather than the sales volume.

One-Stop Shop

SRE is developing multiple revenue sources as through collaboration with mortgage loan, insurance, escrow, appraisals, relocation, property managements, remodeling and other companies, which enhances our possibility to become a one-stop shop for all real estate related matters. SRE strives to be a new real estate organization that is not solely dependent on real estate brokerage commission.

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Jean Ariyoshi
President and Treasurer (Director)
Rika Jones
Vice-President and Secretary (Director)
Tomoko Miura
Vice-President (Director)
Kanae Abe
Vice-President (Director)
Anna Mae Sakaki
Vice-President (Director)
Yumiko Sekiguchi
Founder and Advisory Board
Takeshi Sekiguchi
Chairman, Advisory Board
George R. Ariyoshi
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